Parental Repair

Parental Repair is a new modality of counseling that utilizes the benefits of co-therapy with a male and female counselor. This method of counseling allows for a client to be seen and heard by two counselors, which replicates the mother and father roles in the original family unit. It is our experience that this method allows for deep repair.

Some of the benefits of this method include:

  • Balance — Being seen and heard and hearing from a male and a female counselor
  • Attunement — For most of us our deep childhood woundings were the result of caregivers who lacked attunement to who we were and what we needed. Our focus in the Parental Repair model is to help the inner child to receive what they needed and didn’t get. In our experience, repair in this space heals past, present and future.
  • Modeling — Rex and Marie are able to role-play and model healthy relationships that are supportive of the highest good for all. Healing and repair for the client is the goal.
  • Vibrational Healing — Hearing a male and female voice reflecting and giving empathic statements is a kind of vibrational healing that our cells respond to. The result is like being bathed in a balancing sound meditation. This container is also a perfect medium in which to teach the language of responsibility.
  • Holding and Deepening Meditation — Both Rex and Marie are trained in meditation and mindfulness practices. While one therapist is guiding or teaching a skill, the other therapist is following the practice with the client. This results in an opening of the field itself and allows the client to drop into the experience more deeply and quickly.
  • Intimacy — in this safe and supportive environment intimacy and real connection can happen. This is also deep repair for many of us with sexual woundings.
  • Attachment — Failure to attach to the mother is the source of much of the wounding is our culture. Current research shows that the therapeutic relationship is the repair model that results in the most significant healing. Part of the magic of our model is that attachment happens in therapy AND it can be witnessed and supported by the other counselor. In our model, there isn’t a battle for who gets the most love. Love, attachment, repair, and healing are all supported. Everybody wins!